Posted by: Tom Baker | July 11, 2009

25th Anniversary in the Cruise Biz…

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tom’s 25th Anniversary in the Cruise Biz…

I cannot beleive I woke up this morning consumed with the realization that I am celebrating 25 years in Travel this May.I started working for Ask Mr. Foster in May 1984 after I had returned from my ss Rotterdam World Cruise (a late college gaduation gift). Boy has the industry changed. We have gone from handwriting airline tickets and typewriters to email and the internet. I must confess I prefer today’s less laborious technology ehich indeed makes work more efficent and communication instant. I almost sounded like a relic saying that-a dinosaur of sorts, I suppose… The god news is that I have had the great opportunity to watch this cruise industry grow at the time when all the new ships of the mid 1980’s were being built and the industry grew from an elite form of travel vacation to offering a vacation for everyone. A cruise vacation today is affordable for nearly everyone or in these wicked times, those who are employed and willing to do so… I must add a note that has truly surprised me. As times are increasingly hard in this new economic era of down turn, the cruise ships are going out mostly full. My business partner Ellen and I were down on the Carnival Conquest on Sunday to see the ship after a serious rennovation and were happy to see the ship filled to capacity with 3600 guests coming from all walks of life. It gave me a glimmer of hope that things might be okay afterall. Americans use their entitlement to vacation for sure. I remember the recession of the 1970’s growing up in LA and my grandparents talking about rationing household suplies to save money and lived through the 1980’s as a young man entering the work force in another downturn. This current turn of course exclipses both of those but I know the American people are enduring and will find a way to prevail. Well, I’m 25 years later into this and look forward to see what the next 25 will bring. It’s still a wonderful busines to be in and a career path for which I have no regrets. Happy 25 to me….

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