Posted by: Tom Baker | July 11, 2009

Luxor on the Nile…

Thursday, July 2, 2009

click on image to see morephotos of my tour in egypt


click on image to see more photos of my tour in egypt


Luxor on the Nile…

The Nile River is the longest river in the world and flows from lower Egypt in the Mediterranean through Egypt, the great Sahara Desert, and into the Sudan. We will focus on Egypt and the wonderful cities created in ancient times during the times and ruling of the great Pharaohs.

Our Nile Cruise began in Luxor. It is really the Capital of the ancient cities with Karnak Temple, The Luxor City Temple, the Avenue of the Sphinxes, an amazing museum, The Valley of the Kings, Queens, Nobles, Queen Hatsepshut’s Temple, The Colossus of Menmon, and so much more. It is a place that having two days stay (normal for a 7-day Nile Cruise), is just not enough. The visitor only touches on the history and antiquities of this major area of importance.
The history of Egypt is told rather matter of factly by guides of Islamic background who do not elaborate on details that are not in line with today’s religion. Guides of other religions will likely focus on the details of ancient life in more detail making the civilizations of old seem less barbaric and more advanced. It is unique to hear different perspectives based on the guides personal insight. By the way, this is no different than any other travel experience or guide. Experience shared with the guest is largely based on the guides own input!

I must confess that Luxor is overwhelming but incredibly exciting. Not only does it offer great sightseeing and history but it sits along the busy banks of the Nile which is quite verdant, filled with gorgeous palms, plantings, flowers, and the amazing city of Luxor. This city offers great shopping, restaurants (not of US standard), and so much more.

A night visit to the Karnak Temple for the Sound & Light Show is a must see.

My favorite was the Valley of the Kings-but more on that tomorrow….


  1. What about temperature and moistness in there? Thank you.

  2. It is very warm in Egypt. Over 100 degrees centigrade.

  3. Opps! I sure did…LOL…Think in Centigrade-hmmm….

  4. You are so correct and thank you. I will correct this ASAP!!!! Thank you. Tom

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