Posted by: Tom Baker | July 11, 2009

of EPIC proportions

Monday, March 23, 2009


Of “Epic” Proportions

With the announcement and unveiling of the massive superliner Oasis of the Seas coming this Winter, the cruise industry is seeing a radical change in maritime design and innovation. While this beomoth promises to be something unlike any cruise ship we have even seen, it creates a whole new window of opportunity for today’s traveler. It also sends experienced cruisers looking for intimate vacations to smaller cruise products like Azamara and Oceania Cruises where guests can travel with less than 700 passengers vs. the Oasis nearly 6000 passengers…
Today’s blog focuses on another superliner that will no doubt capture the public imagination as it offers a truly resort like atmosphere and also takes maritime design to a whole new level. The very innovative NCL has been unveiling its plans of the last several months for its forthcoming “one-of-a-kind”, 150,000 ton, Norwegian Epic. This 4200 passenger vessel is already taking the industry by storm by introducing a cabin concept that goes outside the traditional box. The new “wave” concept gives a curve to every cabin giving the appearance of more space. The ceilings are taller with a domed and back lit effect which also enhances the spacious feel. The “Wave” gives a very interesting look from a contemporary design flow and will undoubtedly be an exciting change for the cruise industry. Moreover, the traditional box like bathroom will be reintroduced into three separate components with a curved opaque glass wall with a shower stall on one side of the cabin and the toilet in another compartment on the opposite side. The sink will be in the cabin in an open area away from the bed and living area. While this is quite unconventional, it is becoming popular in new hotel room design around the World. The most interesting aspect is that this new design creates a far more spacious feel to the overall cabin upon entering.
The most interesting fascinating introduction will be a new very small 100 square foot Studio Stateroom that features ultra contemporary design , amenities, and mood lighting. These 128 studios feature a large porthole onto a cabin corridor and allows these budget conscious guests access to a 2-level “Living Room “ that has a concierge, special room service offerings, and more…
The newest feature of the Norwegian Epic is its new Ship within a ship sitting high atop the bridge called the Courtyard Villa. 60 exceptional villas and suites will have a private dining room, pool, gym, spa, and sunning area away from the activity and bustle of the rest of this ship. While NCL introduced this concept on the Norwegian Jewel Class a few years ago, this is taking the concept to a whole new level. It will clearly offer a ship within a ship concept with a capacity of nearly 200 guests occupying this massive and specially dedicated suite space…
NCL is the pioneer of great innovation and I will assuredly be talking about the Norwegian Epic as more and more features are introduced over the next two-months…

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