Posted by: Tom Baker | July 11, 2009

what if the price goes down?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The biggest dilemma today that clients are asking is-“What Happens to My Rate If The Cruise Line Drops The Fare I Paid After I’ve Booked?” The answer is simple. A good travel agent will stay in contact with the cruise line up through your final payment to ensure you get the BEST DEAL. We look out for your interest and ours. The travel agent of today has to be on his toes watching prices and deals as they come and go daily. It also means looking out for YOU, our annuity, to ensure our furture success and your total satisfaction. I just had a lady who booked a holland America cruise on their elegant Prinsendam that dropped Three thousand dollars per person for a European cruise. The rate was honored. Many cruise lines have even implemented a best price policy after final payment too to ensure guests and agents satisfaction. The one cruise line that has not complied is NCL. Shame on them…Please know the travel agent is your value interpreter and negotiator with the cruise line. A good agent stays on their toes and fights for your rights and rate-Always!!!! Happy Cruising…

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