Posted by: Tom Baker | September 21, 2015

Crystal Symphony-The Art of Luxury Cruising…

Crystal's 25th Anniversary

Crystal Cruises has just celebrated its 25th Anniversary with its small 2 ship fleet, Crystal Symphony built in 1995 and Crystal Serenity built in 2005. No other travel company in the history of awards has been so lauded as these two ships. Both Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure readers vote these two ships #1 and #2 repeatedly and have for 20 years! As a matter of fact these two ships rate higher than any other airline, hotel, resort, or cruise company-period! That is a real WOW…

Crystal Court

Having just sailed on Crystal Symphony, a 20 year old vessel, it is hard to find any evidence of this being a vintage class ship although her only downfall to other luxury competitors is the size of here standard and balcony cabins being relatively smaller than other ships in class. Nonetheless, this does not keep this ship or her newer sister from garnering top awards year after year.

Elegant Accommodations

To me personally, Crystal earns its strength from its elegant surroundings, superb food, service, and lifestyle program which consists of excellent enrichment and entertainment. I am never bored on a Crystal ship and love the civility and lack of hassle, not having to deal with lines, constant push to sell on-board programming and activities that seem to plague the rest of the cruise industry. The Symphony is impeccably maintained and spotlessly clean. The food is as good as any luxury hotel or resort anywhere in the world, and it is just darn right lovely… I am including a detailed link for you to see for yourself why Crystal Symphony is still considered a six star luxury cruise experience:!i=4360444566&k=8sxjbZ2. I think you will agree…

Happy Cruising!

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