Posted by: Tom Baker | June 18, 2018

Royalty On The River- Introducing Amadeus Queen


The oldest river cruise company, Amadeus River Cruises with over 40 years of river cruise experience just launched its latest and most beautiful river cruise ship in Amsterdam.

The Amadeus Queen was christened in Amsterdam in a blustery April day by the daughter of the family owned cruise line that operates some 15 ships on Europe’s rivers. The Luftner family operate this incredibly well run and best-kept secret of river cruise companies. The Queen is 443 feet long has 4 passenger decks, and caters to a mere 162 passengers is one of the most spacious river ships and decorated in a very modern yet warm style. To put this in perspective, Viking long ships are the same length but carry 190 passengers in the exact same linear space.



  • Larger cabins-average 188 square feet, have electric drop down French balconies, all have walk in closets, and have large bathrooms
  • Well trained European crew-Amadeus Cruises operates its own training school in Malta and has top notch quality control
  • Excellent food quality- The Luftner family are foodies and provision their vessels with top notch European grown food and meals are prepared farm to table!
  • Tours are not included-they are sold in modules with 15% discounts for advance purchase. This allows guests to tailor their experience based on individual desire vs. forcing all guests into the same tours as on other river cruises.
  • Amadeus prices are substantially less than all other competitors as they do not have the massive marketing costs of their competitors
  • This is one of the finest, most affordable, and elegant river cruise products…


Enjoy this 360 degree tour here:

I was privileged with being invited to the christening cruise of this most lovely ship and really though she was beautiful. Besides the appreciably larger staterooms, I enjoyed the glorious indoor/outdoor pool at the aft of the ship which is part club and part pool. This was designed after a Russian Oligarch’s private yacht and is just brilliant! My meals and service were excellent as well and this is a river cruise company not to be missed.

Check out my detailed pictures here:

Happy Cruising!

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